Production Capabilities

Calhoun Foundry

Calhoun Foundry Company is specialized in highly cored, intricate castings for automotive and O.E.M., servicing all industrial markets and applications in volumes ranging from 10 to 100,000 castings per year, with weights from 1/2 pound to 85 pounds depending on the configuration of the casting.


We have 2, 40 T/day total melting capacity furnaces, feeding three automated turntable systems which in turn are connected to 5 high production molding centers.  Our casting alloys are Grey: G20, G25, G30, G35 and Ductile: 60-40-18, 65-45-12, 80-55-06, 100-70-03.

Various core making abilities including, but not limited to, Shell and Isocure.

Metal quality is checked by our Metallurgist, using spectrometer, microscope, tensile and hardness testing. The dimensional requirements and tooling validation is ensured by the use of CMM…

Calhoun Foundry Company has a complete cleaning and finishing department.